From boredom to a Multisensorial Experience

Cardiovascular exercise has been considered by many to be a boring activity.

Now, with EXCITE, we have changed the feeling on cardio training. From a boring and repetitive activity to a more engaging experience.

Technogym’s new cardiovascular exercise range – designed specifically with users in mind. Their interaction with the equipment provokes a full experience involving all the senses – touch, sight, hearing and smell – letting the wellness club member enjoy the taste of wellness.

This focus on users’ needs blends perfectly with the requirements of the operator: safe, reliable, certified equipment, easy to maintain and ready for entertainment.


Wellness TV is one of the most innovative features of EXCITE Line. Technogym is the first company in the fitness industry to develop a new concept of integrated entertainment into cardio training: the TV is fully integrated on the equipment and provides on the same screen, training options and entertainment options.

Club members can watch their own preferred channel, listen to he radio or socialise whilst training. Members will not be forced to train facing the wall or the video wall screen, which is not always well positioned.


This is a totally innovative concept conceived to facilitate the interaction between users and the equipment, to provide motivation and focus on results.

Goal Oriented Display has been developed in cooperation with psychologist team, taking into account the normal behaviour and the needs of a user during a training session.


EXCITE Line is fitted with some very innovative features that contribute to creating a new interactive experience between the user and the equipment, aligning the club more closely with the concept of wellness.

Breezer – an integrated fan on the treadmill creates a pleasant breeze during the workout. A fragrance can also be fitted inside the fan providing a pleasant scent during training.

Quiet Equipment – the use of low-noise equipment in the gym makes training more enjoyable and relaxing.

Natural Contact – the plastics with which the user comes into contact during exercise are perfumed and gradually release a pleasant aroma – no more unpleasant rubber smell on your hands after working out!